This website is about songs we like the most, those pieces of music that make a change in our life, often compositions that remain the same even after many years without ever losing its magic, little jewels forever shining!
Let’s share here and nominate our Songs For A Day everyday so that we’ll always have a melody that will seal our time. Little by little we will create a special chronicle, an increasingly searchable archive, one not made by the music industries but by common people, music lovers moved by personal emotions and affections.
Usually we don’t understand why a song have such an impact on us, we just perceive the effect inside us; on the other hand there are times we enter in a sort of relationship with some music, maybe for the lyrics, or because it touches and vibrates particular inner strings; so if it is the case just try to share also the why if we feel like, if we’re able to find suitable words, we can tell of that particular situation occurred while the music’s playing.
The SFAD website staff will appreciate and thanks everyone contributing to the blog.

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